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We invite your company to attend our leading industry conferences in Turkey organised by CTN Events. Visit our conference websites for more information about each event. Get in touch with us to learn more about speaking, exhibition and sponsorship opportunities. If your organisation is interested in organising an event, please check out our event management services and see what we can do for you. We look forward to long term productive cooperation.

Turkey 2nd Renewable Energy conference Istanbul / 26 February 2014
Renewable Energy Conference The programme focuses on future trends, policies, market developments, expectations, business opportunities, technology innovations, success strategies, competitive advantages and practical solutions for renewable energy in 2014 and beyond. The event covers 6 renewable energy sectors: biomass and waste heat, geothermal, hydro, solar, utility integration and smart grid, wind.

Istanbul 4th Automotive Today & Tomorrow conference Istanbul / 12 March 2014
Automotive Today & Tomorrow conference Learn more about the burning issues affecting the automotive sector including opportunities for auto component manufacturers; meeting supply chain demands & achieving high productivity; business applications & engineering automation for automotive OEMs; OEM purchasing strategies, automotive aftermarket spare parts, research and development and other.

Istanbul Sales Power congress Istanbul / 15-16 April 2014
Sales Power congress Every sales professional at every level in every size of company will benefit from the wealth of new ideas on offer. The event is a perfect platform that supports sales professionals in sharing challenges, experiences, opportunities and solutions within sales environment. The congress focuses on the latest trends, research, innovation, technologies and vision for the future.

Istanbul Marketing Power congress Istanbul / 15-16 April 2014
Marketing Power congress The event focuses on finding innovative ways to effectively target the right message, to the right person at the right time. It offers an opportunity to learn and improve the skills on collecting, integrating, analysing and summarising data from traditional and non-traditional sources to better understand and make intellegent decisions about their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities.

Turkey 3rd Retail Supply Chain conference Istanbul / 21-22 May 2014
Retail Supply Chain conference Logistics optimization today is the biggest opportunity for most companies to reduce the costs. Our event offers the latest strategic information on how to improve the logistics & supply chain by making better decisions, optimizing strategies, understanding best practices, investing in technology and labour, developing effective management and distribution methods and maximizing ROI.

Istanbul Freight Forwarders & Transportation conference Istanbul / 21-22 May 2014
Freight Forwarders & Transportation conference This event will offer assessment of best practices in transportation planning, distribution and warehouse management, transportation villages, logistics network and new investment opportunities, container management and shipping, truck, air and rail freight, maritime business and port operations. intermodal transportation systems, sourcing and outsourcing logistics and other topics.

Turkey 7th Cement & Technology conference Istanbul / 11-12 June 2014
Cement & Technology conference This is an annual event which examines the issues of cement export-import flows, demand and supply balance including forecasting, innovation in cement technologies, analysis of cement prices, implementation of investment projects, the characteristics of cement producing capacities and the current state of product range.

Turkey Construction & Contracting conference Istanbul / 11-12 June 2014
Construction & Contracting conference The conference brings together the key developers, contractors and sub-contractors, investors and lenders. Learn best practices, success strategies, effective risk management, sustainability in health and safety, technological advances and innovations, new business opportunities in the construction and contracting industry sector.

Istanbul Human Resources congress Istanbul / 23-24 June 2014
Human Resources congress The event is focused on strategic talent management, organisational change and technologies in HR. Learn how your company can advance its talent acquisition activities by engaging in a more targeted online strategy. Find out how to beat the crisis and stimulate your employee engagement without stretching your budget. Explore how to navigate your organisation’s major transformation.

Turkey Wheat and Flour Market conference Istanbul / 24-25 September 2014
Wheat and Flour Market conference The event will provide insight into the future of regional markets, import and export strategies, competitive advantages, innovations in equipment and technologies, investment projects, influences of economy on wheat and flour market. Meet buyers and suppliers from leading companies. Find out the latest developments, business opportunities and practical solutions.

Turkey Future of Oilseeds & Oils Market conference Istanbul / 24-25 September 2014
Future of Oilseeds & Oils Market conference The international and domestic oils and oilseeds markets both are witnessing price fluctuations as a result of eurozone debt crisis, leaving a number of companies in difficult circumstances. The event will focus on macro economy, market supply and demand, prices, and development trend of oils and oilseeds industry.

Turkey 3rd Steel Today & Tomorrow conference Istanbul / 29-30 October 2014
Steel Today & Tomorrow conference Learn more about future regional developments in the steel and raw materials sectors. The event will look at the price changes and challenges of business environment including rising production costs, new project developments, business opportunities and expectations, logistical difficulties, technology inovations and speak about success strategies and much more.

Turkey Coal Market conference Istanbul / 29-30 October 2014
Coal Market conference The event brings regional coal suppliers and buyers to discuss the factors affecting thermal trade flows and supplier demographics. Includes economic outlook, analysis of coal sourcing strategies, forecast of coking coal prices, assessment of dry bulk freight market, emmission targets - drive towards a low carbon, strategies towards a sustainable energy mix.

Istanbul Retail Today & Tomorrow conference Istanbul / 19-20 November 2014
Retail Today & Tomorrow conference Expert speakers will assess the latest trends, new applications and the newest dimensions of retail world. The conference will help your company to discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the retailing industry in Turkey. Find hidden opportunities, understand competitive threats, plan your corporate strategy with our expert qualitative analysis and growth projections.


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